Year of intervention:
Customer characteristics:
Company specialised in Microsoft solutions, operating on the market for nearly 20 years
System Integrator, Software House
Financial services/Services – North Italy
Turnover: € 2.5 million


A company with a steadily growing turnover that has increased its number of customers and average project value over the years, but is unable to make its way to the top of the market. The main requirement of the owners was to grasp the limitations and potential of the company in order to create the conditions for stimulating development.


Otherbase’s intervention was focused on analysing the soundness of the company and its potential. The implementation of the business growth plan prepared was followed by regular checks to monitor progress and project status.

In detail, the intervention involved an analysis of the organisation – in particular the engagement processes and rules -, of the market and proprietary solutions, the type of customers and the skills of the team.

We were therefore able to suggest an overhaul of the product range, focusing in particular on proprietary products and their evolution over time. The production of a business plan, as a final deliverable, highlighted the markets, the investments to be made and the go-to-market strategy to be adopted.

The objective being pursued is to double the turnover in a three-year plan, on a year-on-year (YoY) basis, and to forge strategic partnerships on the market.

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