Year of intervention:
Customer characteristics:
Company founded in the late 1990s, operating in Northern Italy with an organisation of 50 employees overall, mainly technicians and installers
System Integrator specialised in networking and security
Market: Manufacturing, Industry, Logistics
Turnover: € 3 million


The company changed hands through a management buyout process and a three-year working plan was decided on, giving rise to considerable change. As a result, this necessitated a process of growth and development for the resources – by defining roles, pushing people out of their comfort zones and rooting out areas of inefficiency. This brought about the need for external consultancy to work on training the resources and to build a model that would accommodate the new requirements.


Otherbase provided an overview of the organisation, with assessment sessions for resources, highlighting soft skills, hard skills, potential, limits, conflict and expectations. The mapping of the results in a matrix enabled us to pinpoint the relevant measures to be taken and the time frames for these.

We then intervened with retention plans for key individuals, growth for the best soft skills, specific monitoring and coaching activities for resources who performed well but were difficult to manage, and guided exits for resources lacking potential or who had reached the end of their cycle within the company. The plan implemented resulted in a verified, immediate overall improvement of the company.

The intervention also highlighted the most effective sharing methods between executives and the first-line managers reporting to them, continually measuring progress against the business plan.

Presenting the project to the entire organisation, helping management communicate it correctly and preparing adequate supporting documentation were vital to the success of the operation.

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