Year in intervention:
Customer characteristics:
A group consisting of predominantly IT companies that offer professional services on the banking and insurance market, harnessing the collaboration of over 100 professionals
Body Rental, Software Factory
System Integrator, Banks, Insurance and SMEs
€ 25 million


The market that has enabled the Group to offer specialised expertise, such as software developers, analysts and project managers, for over 20 years is now changing rapidly.

New profiles, new skills and new engagement models are needed, at lower and lower costs.

The development of a new product range portfolio, provision of commercial support and gradual transformation of the delivery department became essential for the Group’s owners.


Otherbase’s intervention consisted of three stages: context analysis, creation of a three-year plan and hiring of commercial and professional figures to carry out the planned activities.

Stage one involved an assessment of processes, internal resources and customers, alongside specific management consultancy to pave the way for new company growth. Sharing of timeframes, costs and objectives with the Group’s owners was vital during this stage.

Stage two involved the creation of a business unit which we later transformed into the Group’s most innovative start-up, thanks to a spin-off operation.  The NewCo’s portfolio was gradually enhanced thanks to the business partnership with a Global Cloud Provider and the injection of expertise on robotic process automation through the creation of an Academy.

We introduced DevOps and Agile models to support the growth of the delivery department. At the same time, we hired commercial resources with a strong technical background who fuelled organic and sustainable growth.

The Start-up closed its first year of business with a turnover of over € 2 million and is now the flagship company of the entire Group.

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