Year of intervention:
Customer characteristics:
A company operating in Lombardy, present on the market for 10 years with about 20 employees and a large pool of external collaborators and healthcare professionals.
Type: Healthcare company for home and outpatient care
Market: Health
Turnover: € 2 million


The 2019 financial statements showed significant liability that had already been noted at a much lower value in 2018. The situation prompted the owner to request consultancy support to identify urgent solutions to be adopted.


We launched a rapid analysis of costs, revenues and resources by focusing simultaneously on three areas:

  • change in decision-making and organisational control
  • identification and cutting of certain variable, unnecessary costs
  • creation of an efficient working model, with direct actions on processes and resources

During the first year of the intervention, we achieved the first balanced budget, with a year-on-year (YoY) increase in turnover of more than 20%, consolidating all the initiatives in a three-year plan.

The trend reversal in the company’s results and the market conditions prompted an investment proposal from a Fund specialised in the healthcare market, thereby transforming a consulting project aimed at resolving a specific critical issue into organisational and strategic consultancy.

During the course of our intervention, we prepared a blueprint that immediately identified the strategy to be adopted in order to integrate two new organisational structures and propose ways to manage growth and efficiency.

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