Years of intervention:
Customer characteristics:
Multidisciplinary Group in business for over 20 years and with more than 400 employees
Global System Integrator
National coverage, Enterprise customers
Turnover: € 40 million – € 80 million


An ownership and business model characterised by strong technological drive, the entry of a fund in the share capital and new, highly challenging objectives called for the need to define, develop and implement specific plans aimed at supporting the medium to long-term vision of the growth and development business project. This required work on the organisation – processes, market segmentation, offer, relations with international brands – and results.


The unique identity of the group, which is made up of around 10 companies acquired between 2015 and 2017, each one with a completely different organisational model and go-to-market strategy, prompted us to set up multidisciplinary consulting with mentoring and management as a service, based on knowledge, expertise, discussion and exchange to simplify dialogue and engagement.

We implemented the plans as a matter of priority in order to meet the targets set out in the P&L statement, with an emphasis on the individual sales teams, looking to merge them, in time, into a single Group organisation. We activated succession plans for the key resources and developed a pathway for growth for internal resources (with retention plans), working on mentoring and coaching. Our work focused on individual performance and reputation to promote good team spirit.

We created a solid ecosystem with customers and partners, and fostered a culture of sensitivity to performance and commitment to achieving results. A successful project is one where this approach makes its way into corporate life naturally, paving the way for ongoing growth and development.

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